VenusHair™ Magic Elastic Hair Comb Set

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VenusHair™ Magic Elastic Hair Comb Set with fashionable design, make you more charming and attractive. You can make dozens of different hairstyles with it to show your charm. A great gift for your family or friends!


  • QUICK & EASE: 30 seconds can change a new hairstyle, simple and fast, like magic
  • NOBLE & ELEGANT: Instantly comb out more than 10 kinds of hairstyles (butterfly, peacock open screen, fan line, dignified, etc
  • BEAUTIFUL & PRACTICAL: Works great with any hair type - thick to thin, long or short. 
  • EXQUISITE & COMPACT: Small size, lightweight, easy to carry
  • ESPECIALLY SUITABLE FOR BATHING: Annoying wet hair easy to put on the top of the head. Bathing becomes more comfortable

Package Include:

  • 4 x Magic Elastic Hair Comb

Having long hair for Women always signifies beauty. Having tangle free and elegantly smelling fragrance in hair add more femininity to women that they are willing to spend more time to play with their hair and style their hair to make themselves, even more, stand out.

However, long hair is sometimes difficult to maintain. Having to comb the hair multiple times every day and changing combs can sometimes be a waste of time. Setting up an appointment with a Stylist can be expensive that it will sometimes result in spending a hundred dollars a month which is not practical.

There are few challenges in maintaining a long hair such as: when taking a bath some women use a shawl to hold the wet hair which often results in shower gel stains in the fabric. When taking a shower there’s a tendency to wet the hair which is a problem as there are those who do not want to shampoo their hair every day. Thus, they will need to find something that can hold on to their long hair to keep it from getting wet, but sadly all of the products end up always unsatisfactory.

With Magic Elastic Hair Comb Set, you can solve all of this problems. It is made of a softest and toughest synthetic plastic material. It is scientifically designed to make sure that it’s very easy to use, exquisite and compact. Just use it by gently putting it on a plate on the hair, and a beautiful hairstyle will be completed in a blink of an eye, which is in line with the ergonomics of the woman's long hair.

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