Petty™ Premium Slow Fun Feeders

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Customer Reviews:

"This thing is great for my dog. It is fun for him to play with and helps him lose weight by controlling his eating. It is good quality and looks cool. The dog likes it. I would recommend and buy again. Do not miss this. This is amazing. I like this a lot. It is a good price and has multiple colors. It is a good item. Thank you Atom Deal"
- Michael Guarino ★★★★

"This bowl has helped out my dog tremendously. I have a mini Australian Shepard that would completely devour her food as soon as we set it down. With this bowl, her meals have gone from lasting 2 minutes to around the 10-15 minute mark. The bowl itself is very good quality and is pretty much the exact color shown. Though it isn't as deep as I would like, you can't have the bowl being too deep where the dog has to overexert his/her self to get the food out of the very bottom. Overall, very happy with my purchase!"
- Christina M. ★★★★

"Ditch the boring feeding bowls, give your dog a little mental workout, they will thank you for it.
I'm glad I found this product, it has a great price and I feel much better using this instead of just giving her food in her bowl.
It seems like it is well made, loves the none slip plastics on the bottom as well.
My dog doesn't just attack her food so I'm not using it for bloating, although I can see how this would benefit those dogs, for me it's just another mental puzzle and stimulation for a high energy dog."
- Molly Anne ★★★★

"It has only been a couple of weeks that we have been feeding our dog from this amazing dish. I am cautiously optimistic because she has not thrown up once in that time. It has at least doubled the time it takes her to eat and that seems to have made all the difference. She also raises her head and actually chews the kibble instead of just swallowing a mouthful whole. If nothing else has helped, I would certainly give these a try."
- Jessica G. ★★★★



  • OVER 1 MILLION SOLD: The proof is in the puzzle. Petty™ Premium Slow Fun Feeders are a dog mom’s dream and have made mazes a key part of mealtime.
  • FOOD IS FUN: Dogs love food and Petty™ Premium Slow Fun Feeders dog bowls make feeding your dog fun too! Your dog will love maneuvering their mouth over the playful patterns of each Petty™ Premium Slow Fun Feeders.
  • UP TO 10X SLOWER: Petty™ Premium Slow Fun Feeders slow down your dog’s eating time and aid digestion by 10X!
  • GO BEYOND THE BOWL: Every dog eats differently and their dog bowl should be as unique as they are. We fixed the ‘one size fits all’ solution of traditional dog bowls and molded the mazes of our Petty™ Premium Slow Fun Feeders to perfectly fit the pace and style of your dog’s eating patterns and habits.
  • A PRODUCT WITH PURPOSE: Bloating and canine obesity are both real factors of poor digestion in dogs. That’s why we created our Petty™ Premium Slow Fun Feeders with puzzles that challenge your dog while helping them digest their food.
  • PORTION CONTROL ON POINT: Petty™ Premium Slow Fun Feeders are made in general size to help you control their portions during mealtime. Petty™ Premium Slow Fun Feeders hold up from 2 to 4 cups of dry kibble. This is great for dry, wet and raw fed diets.
  • NOBODY LIKES A DIRTY DOG BOWL. To clean your Petty™ Premium Slow Fun Feeders, simply place the bowl on the top rack of your dishwasher. Your dog’s bowl will come out shining like new and be free from the yucky germs and dirt we don’t want them eating.

Product Descriptions:

  • Material: ABS Plastic 
  • Size: 7.8 x 1.4 inch - 20.5 x 3.5cm (Diameter x Height)
  • Package: 1 X Petty™ Premium Slow Fun Feeders

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