Petty™ Premium Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill (27" x 11", holds up to 44lbs)

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Instantly turns any window into a kitty entertainment center! The ingenious EZ Mount Window Bed attaches to virtually any window in seconds utilizing our proven suction cup mounting system. Completely open at the top, this half pod design gives cats easy access to climb in and out of. We've included a soft, warm, cushy Atom Deal Store Amazin' Kitty Pad for hours of snoozing and watching over the household. 


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Customer Reviews:

"I don't usually write reviews, but I felt it was fitting to write one for this product. I was a little skeptical when I first saw the product because I was very unsure if it would be sturdy enough to actually hold on the window when/if my cat lounged in it. Not only was the product quickly delivered, but as you can see my cat absolutely loves this window seat. The best part is that it is completely sturdy and all worries of it not holding on the window have been replaced with competing for happiness with the product. I would recommend this to anyone and their furry babies, as I have been pleasantly surprised with the product myself!"
- Patrice R. ★★★★★

"It took a while, but my cat LOVES this now. Agree with other reviewers that the pad that comes with it was deemed something to rip up rather than sitting on, so I chucked it. This is very sturdy and well made, have had no problems with it sticking to the window. I will say, it's pretty flexible, so if you're finding that it seems too narrow to be comfortable for kitty (there's some smooshing against the window that is inevitable) I've had success by placing the bottom suction cup first, then squeezing the outer two towards the center before attaching them to the window. This makes the cup part wider so the cat is comfier. Or very comfy, as seen with my girl Keaton. Money well spent!" 
- Caitlin S. ★★★★★

"Super easy to install. Haven't had any problems with the suction cups coming off. Holds both my lighter under 10 lbs. cat and my heavier plus 10 lbs. one. Space is narrow but they seem to enjoy the cozy fit. Took a couple of weeks for them to start using the beds regularly but now they spend at least one nap a day in them if not more. Bought two beds and they can often be found snoozing side by side or otherwise checking out the action in the back yard. I think sometimes it may get too hot for them with their black fur if the sun is shining directly on the beds, but that's only a small part of day assuming there aren't any clouds. Overall very happy with these and would recommend giving them a try."
- Barbara H. ★★★★★


The Petty™ Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill is the ultimate sunbathing, bird watching, snoozing spot for your kitty! This awesome Petty™ invention can be mounted with the exit on the left or the right for the purrfect access in any window. The sleeping surface features a removable Petty™ Amazin' Kitty Pad that traps kitty dander and hair like a magnet. Cats love to bask in the warm sun and thrive on having a high vantage point. As an added bonus this will assist in keeping messy hair off of your furniture!

Powerful Suction Cup Mounting

The Petty™ Mount Kitty line will instantly turn any window into an entertainment lounge for your kitty! Petty™ Mount Window Bed or Pod attaches to virtually any window in seconds utilizing a proven suction-cup mounting system. Kitty will blissfully watch outdoor activities and keep warm by basking in the sun's rays.

EZ Mount Kitty Line

It has made it easier than ever before with the EZ Mount line of products. From the kitty sill for basking in the sun to the scratches that keep their nails healthy to food/water bowls that you want to keep Fido away from...Petty™ has it covered. No need for tools to install these great Petty™ Mount products, they all mount to clear windows or most flat, smooth surfaces (such as appliances) using super powerful suction cups.

Check them out, we've provided links to the most popular Petty™ Mount products. The top 4 images are the Kitty Sill and the bottom 4 images are helpful accessories. Just click on the images below to see detailed features.

Product Descriptions:

  • This cat bed hammock instantly suctions to any window, offering a comfy, secure, elevated perch for your cat to sleep beneath warming sunbeams, while staying off furniture.
  • It is easy mounts to windows using industrial strength suction cups and braces. And it offers sanctuary for multiple cats, measures 68cmx 28cm and holds up to 15kg (44lb).
  • Product Material: Oxford cloth + Nylon + PP + PVC
  • Item Type: Pet Beds, Sofas, Toys
  • Wash Style: Hand Wash
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Bearing Weight: 15kg(44lb)
  • Product Size: 68cm x 28cm ( 26.77 inches x 11 inches )

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