DragonZ™ Premium Shenron and Dragon Balls Set

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Bring Out The Kid In You

The Immortal Shenron And Dragon Balls Set

Shenron and Dragon Balls Set are perfect for Dragon Ball Fans and toy collectors. Re-experience your fun childhood and even try to call Shenron the dragon to make your wishes come true with this 7 Dragon Balls set from Atom Deal Store!

Unlike Son Goku or his Dragon Ball friends, you won’t need the dragon ball radar to look for your seven dragon balls. No need to search throughout the universe and fight with Frieza! These dragon balls are made from beautiful acrylic material and painted just like the real thing. Because this product is made with the top-class material, we guarantee that it won’t easily break. The Balls are 3.5CM and the Shenron is 15CM diameter in size. There are stars inside the transparent ball for a realistic dragon ball effect!

It comes with the Majestic-Shenron that will surely captivate your heart. We have two color options for you, a color combination of green, yellow, and a little touch of red. The other dragon, on the other hand, has a rich, pure gold color.

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