Petty™ Premium Pet Magic Brush Glove

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Provides your pets with extra attention and a therapeutic massage. The soft silicone tips gently work to remove tangles and matted fur while lifting dirt and dust. It’s perfect for daily pet brushing and massaging and works with all coat types including dogs, horses, bunnies, and cats. And it is machine washable for easy maintenance.


Customer Reviews:

"These gloves are so awesome! My cat LOVES to be brushed all.the.time. I seriously have to hide any brushes because he will pick them up and bring a brush to me for me to brush him. These gloves were seriously a life saver. Now my hands don't cramp up from brushing him. They are thick and durable gloves. The bristles are easy to clean and get the hair out of. The gloves are comfy enough that I can wear them and my husband (who has huge hands) can comfortably wear them too. I'd imagine they will work just as well with dogs too. Great buy at a great price and if you will definitely get your money's worth.Thank you, Meet My Mall "
- Kaithlyn ★★★★★

"This glove is really great, does exactly what it states. Good pet massager and comb!My cat has thick hair that this glove removes the amount of hair and just pulls off the glove. That's great, and which makes my cat comfortable, my cat loves it very much.I highly recommend this glove! Thank you meet My Mall " 
- Albert ★★★★★

  • 23cm x 15.5cm/9.06" x 6.10"
  • Main Color: Blue + Black
  • Material: Silicone + Mesh cloth

Great pet hair remover for all sizes and breeds.

Key Benefits

  • Made of soft and flexible material, without any harm to your sweet pet.
  • Pet grooming glove with adjustable Velcro straps, comfort padding, and mesh to fit all hands.
  • Use as a de-shedding tool, pet massage and bathing brush and comb.
  • Silicone tips gently work to remove tangles and mats, plus loose dirt and dust.
  • Collects fur in the glove for super easy clean up while massaging the pet with each stroke.
  • Perfect for all coat types and great for dogs, horse, bunnies and agreeable cats. Washable and dries in the sun.

Using Five Finger Deshedding Glove

  • Put the five finger de-shedding glove on and adjustable hook and loop fastener. Gently run the five finger de-shedding glove through your pet's coat. For best results, brush in the direction of fur growth. When you're done grooming simply lift the hair off of the grooming area of the glove. You may need to do this multiple times for heavy coats.


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