Petty™ Premium Cat GroomSoothe Pro

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The Petty™ GroomSoothe Pro is the new super smart grooming, massaging toy! It has a brushing and massaging grooves made of durable, safe plastic bristles and a catnip infused surface that will have Kitty coming back time after time.

Designed with Petty™ Premium GroomSoothe Pro Plastic grooves that expertly to remove and collect your fur baby's loose hair, as well as target your cats pressure points - giving it a soothing massage! (Say goodbye to a home covered in a layer of cat hair, and say hello to a happy cat!)

Super simple and easy to mount on corner surfaces! (Comes with our adhesive tape or screws. You will have your massage station up in the blink of an eye!)

Contains a top-secret catnip compartment to help soothes your baby! (perfect for anxious or aggressive cats.. p.s. we'll even throw some catnip FREE)

 Made of non-toxic BPA-free materials! (Your kitty's health is our number one priority, we make sure our products are 100% safe and beneficial for cats)

Customer Reviews:

"I bought one of these to see if my cats liked it or not. There are 2 corners in my house in particular that my cats love to rub against. I put this on one of the corners, and they instantly rubbed their faces on it. I like how you can put some catnip on the little side compartments, but honestly, you don't even need it. The bristles are nice and sturdy, and it seems to be a perfect size. The only thing is the double sided tape it comes with isn't all that great. I guess it's kinda weak so it doesn't ruin your wall? Anyway, a trip to the hardware store for stronger tape was no big deal. Did I say how much my cats loooooooooooooove this thing? ;) Will be buying more of these. Thank you Atom Deal"
- Veasna Chhourn ★★★★★

"Don't buy one of these! Buy two or three or four! Seriously, this is my cat's favorite thing ever. I've got one attached to a half wall downstairs and one at the corner of an upstairs hallway. The catnip that was shipped with this item was not very aromatic, but because of the very low price was not concerning. Fresh catnip will make a world of difference in your cat wanting to use this. The adhesive that holds cat self-groomer is very strong; unphased as my cat pushes her full body weight at it."
- Lia C. Rodrigues ★★★★★

"Opened this up and both cats were intrigued. They were rubbing their faces on it before I even got it on the wall. I was happy to see that I didn't have to attach it with nails, and the little sticky strips are very sturdy. It comes with a good amount of catnip which my boys are pretty happy about. I might have to buy another so they each have their own"
- David A. Gautreau ★★★★★


Designed to soothe all cats, but particularly felines affected by anxiety and/or aggression, the Petty™ GroomeSoothe Pro is a massage and grooming station is designed to be the one stop shop for your kitty to relax, relieve stress and generally chill out!

We have received countless positive reviews for a reason... we know cats, and we know this product works!

Designed to be wall mounted on the corner of a room, simply attach the grooming station at an accessible height for your baby... and watch the magic happen. You'll be amazed to see curiosity overwhelm your fur baby as it inspects the new toy... and then be delighted to see the pleasure on your kitty's face as it begins to relax massage and grooming itself!

You can even place several of these all over your home, so your baby always has a grooming station available!

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