Guitad™ Portable Pockets Practice Guitar

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Customer Reviews:

"Car rides as a passenger are now spent practicing modes, speeding up sequences, strengthening barre chord muscles, and speeding up chord progressions. It's also helping me to improve alternate picking since I can pick the six lower plastic things as if they were strings. It is true that it can't be tuned, so don't expect to hear notes; you are not even strumming strings. But I love this. I've played guitar for 30 years, but I want to stop using a capo and learn how to solo, so this has been great. " - JoAnna Koopman  ★★★★★

"We will use this to teach our grandson basic chords which he can transfer to his real guitar. It arrived needing tuning and a hex key comes with it to do just that. It meets our purpose especially when traveling. " - JOHN SPENCE  ★★★★★

"Product is pretty much as described. Very light, made from plastic with wood. Great tool for finger exercises as well as practicing scales and chords. It is NOT a little guitar and emits pretty much no sound; it's a lightweight, inexpensive exercise/practice tool, and it's just what I was looking for" - June Goodwin ★★★★★

"Great for practicing chords! Awesome tool for aspiring guitar players." - Melody Tricco ★★★★★

"The strings it comes with all seem to be the equivalent of high Es, so I replaced it with a set of real strings. It feels great once you are used to holding it. Because it is just a chunk of neck, it is super light, and the position you hold a guitar neck normally requires the weight of the entire guitar as a counter balance. Once you sort of adjust the way you are holding it vs how you expect to hold it, it is fine. the bolts for tightening the strings seem to hold fine--a plus, since many other brands seem to have trouble there. I noticed the strings are slightly closer together than on my guitars, but for the purpose of learning finger arrangements for chords, building finger strength, and learning the "feel" of techniques like barring, as well as just familiarity with the finger arrangement for each chord, this is great. I practice on the bus to and from work now, so I am getting an extra 1-1.5 hours of practice a day. size-wise it is about the size of a remote control, as others have mentioned. easily stored in a backpack or purse or messenger bag, etc. " - Joan Hiyakumoto  ★★★★★


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  • Exercise 1:
    Practice your finger one by one string, for example: From bass to treble or from low to high.
  • Exercise 2:
    Practice your finger on a single string , for example:From one fret to 4/6 fret
  • Exercise 3: Practice chord patterns
    You can press down on the strings. and make your fingers stronger.
    This is a decent device that lets you practice guitar chords and fingerwork when you can't play with your actual guitar     


  • 100% brand new and unparalleled quality !
  • 6 String 4 fret.
  • Great tool for training your hands and speeding up guitar skills.
  • It is compact size and lightweight,
  • It is easy to carry you can take it to where you want.
  • There are voices, but, unable to adjust the standard tone
  • It can only for practice.
  • You can not play it.


  • Model: 6 String 4 Fret
  • Main color: Black
  • Material: Plastic, Wood, Steel
  • Item size: 20 * 5 * 2.5cm
  • Package size:22*8*5cm
  • Package weight: 134g

Package List:

  • 1 * Pocket Guitar
  • 1 * Carrying Bag

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